Robin Hood (1973)


Ooh-de-lally Ooh-de-lally golly what a movie.  We love Robin Hood, even if it teaches you that stealing is ok as long as it if for the right reasons.  Ha ha. The scene, though, where the Sheriff of Nottingham takes the little bunny’s coin that was he only birthday present, heartbreaking. Gets me every time. But really, this movie is great. A classic.


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Air Bud (1997)


With this movie having been watched, so goes the first of what I feel to be too many Air Bud movies. But hey, I have never seen any of the others so maybe they will be better than I think. Open mind, keep and open mind. That is what this is all about.  But this one isn’t bad. It is a cute movie about a boy and his athletic dog. The dog is adorable and is way better at basketball than me.


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Return from Witch Mountain (1978)


If you thought the first Witch Mountain was amazing then you are in for a real treat because here is the sequel. If you didn’t like the first one, then you probably won’t like this one either.  Pretty much whatever you felt about the first one is how you will feel about this. However, this one has Bette Davis, which in my opinion is worth the watch. She is a crazy lady in it and a lot of fun to watch.


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Oliver & Company (1988)


Oh yeah, Oliver and his gang are the coolest.  We think that this is one of the underrated animated films. It deserves more credit than it gets. Fun music and funny characters. Plus, most of it is dogs, and dogs are the best. Maybe if Bette Midler could bark like a dog… but then that would leave us without the classic “Bark! Bark!”.  If you haven’t checked this movie out or if it has been a while, do yourself a favor and watch it.


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Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo (2004)


Looking for an Easter themed movie to watch with the family? Well, look no further. The 100 Acre Wood gang is all dressed up and ready for the Easter party and egg hunt, but all Rabbit wants to do is have a spring cleaning party. Oh, Rabbit.  The movie is essentially a Christmas Carol for Easter.  It’s one is not by any means a must see, but the young kids will enjoy it.


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