Teen Beach 2 (2015)


The majority of this movie is just as fun as the original.  There was great music, kooky characters and groovy dancing.  But then the ending came and BOOM! It ruined the movie. RUINED IT! It wasn’t a “oh I didn’t like that ending” type of an ending. It was a “that ending changed everything!” type of ending. It changed the character’s personalities and the entire story including what happened in the first movie and not for the better. We did not appreciate that. Why Teen Beach 2? Why?

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Geppetto (2000)


A movie that came from the time when Disney made movies to air for the “Wonderful World of Disney” on ABC. I was always excited to sit with the fam on Sunday nights and watch these movies…but not this one. Nope. This movie did not work for us. It just didn’t. But we still like you, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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Inside Out (2015)

Pixar has done it again! This one makes you experience all the feels…literally! It’s funny, creative, exciting, emotional and BING BONG! Oh Bing Bong! Do yourself a favor and go see this movie if you haven’t yet. But be warned it might make your children highly emotional like the little girl sitting next to me that was bawling the whole time because she just wanted everything better and for Riley to be happy. Poor girl. We got to see this movie at an advanced screening where we got to watch a tour of the Pixar Studios and after seeing the film we watched a live Q&A with Amy Poehler (Joy) and Pete Docter (Director). It made the experience of watching the movie even more fun. Can I please get a job at Pixar now?

Kid Rating Note: From the kids we have talked to, this is either a stressful or boring movie, it will be one or the other depending on the kid, not both. But all the kids still liked it!

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The Reluctant Dragon (1941)


For those who are not familiar with the film, it’s a “this is how we do it” movie. A man decided a children’s book he has would be a great story for Walt Disney to turn into an animated feature. Once he gets to the Walt Disney Studios he wonders around and learns the process Disney takes in order to make an animated film. That was fun to watch, but then in the second half they started showing longer and longer cartoons.  The kiddos will like the cartoons, but they were a little long for us. We were more interested in seeing the studio. However, the scene of Donald Duck showing us how pictures come together to make him walk…BEST DONALD CLIP EVER! That sassy, sarcastic little duck. He was going to milk a cow. Milk on, Donald.

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Lilo & Stitch (2002)


LOVE. THIS. MOVIE.  Love everything about it. Makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you really want to go to ride that Hawaiian roller coaster ride.  Lilo and Stitch are the epitome of best friends.  They are both such unique and dimensional characters.  We love watching them.  This movie has Hawaii, surfing, space ships, aliens and ‘ohana. What more could you want?

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Brave Little Toaster (1987)


I have a faint memory of watching this movie as a kid but couldn’t remember much of it other than the blanket was always scared and had a little kid voice, the desk lamp was funny but the hanging lamp in the pawn shop was scary. Melissa remembers really liking it. So we were both interested to see what we thought as adults.  What did I learn? The blanket is just as I remember, I can see why little me would love that desk lamp and that hanging lamp is still super creepy. In fact, that whole scene in the pawn shop is creepy.  Other than that, I learned this movie is not good. We don’t ever need to watch it again.  *Sigh* I am really not looking forward to watching Toaster and the gang go to Mars.

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