Inside Out (2015)

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Pixar has done it again! This one makes you experience all the feels…literally! It’s funny, creative, exciting, emotional and BING BONG! Oh Bing Bong! Do yourself a favor and go see this movie if you haven’t yet. But be warned it might make your children highly emotional like the little girl sitting next to me that was bawling the whole time because she just wanted everything better and for Riley to be happy. Poor girl. We got to see this movie at an advanced screening where we got to watch a tour of the Pixar Studios and after seeing the film we watched a live Q&A with Amy Poehler (Joy) and Pete Docter (Director). It made the experience of watching the movie even more fun. Can I please get a job at Pixar now?

Kid Rating Note: From the kids we have talked to, this is either a stressful or boring movie, it will be one or the other depending on the kid, not both. But all the kids still liked it!


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