Homeward Bound (1993)


We both remember loving this movie as kids. We are all about watching some cute animals, especially dogs.  Kids will laugh and enjoy the silly things the three pets go through as they make their way over the mountain to get back home. But if they are anything like me, they will worry the entire time about the old dog, Shadow.  You can do it, Shadow! You can make it!

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Into The Woods (2014)


Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? No. We are Into the Woods! Sorry, but every time we hear this movie title, we sing some Taylor Swift. I was into this movie. I loved how the fairy tales followed more closely to their creepy and gory originals.  I had fun watching it and was curious as to how it would all turn out. There was a moment or two that seemed a little long and we were ready for it to move along, but overall it was worth seeing and we had fun. I can’t say more in this review about my opinions of the film without giving away what happens in the end so I will have to leave it at that.

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The Color of Friendship (2000)


Wow. OK, wow. Melissa remembered loving this movie when she was a kid and I had never seen this movie before.  And I was pleasantly surprised…shocked actually.  This movie touched on some serious issues about racial equality and didn’t dumb it down for the kids that would be watching or hold back from the reality of the subject. It was fantastic. Definitely recommend this one.

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Descendants (2015)


We were both excited for this Disney Channel movie. We were intrigued to see how Disney would tell the story of the next generation of Disney heroes and their villain counterparts. I had even read the book beforehand. Unfortunately, we were disappointed. Another movie where it seemed like we watched so much and yet nothing had really happened. Also, we were surprised at the fact it was a musical and think it would have been better if it wasn’t.  The singing was fine, there were very talented voices, but the music itself didn’t stick out. The only song I actually liked and could remember after the movie was the remix of “Be Our Guest.” That was cool.  And can we take a moment to discuss Maleficent?? I am a huge fan of Maleficent. HUGE. And I know I will sound totally hipster by saying this, but she was my favorite before everyone new her name. She was always the best villain. But in this movie she becomes a singing, tap dancing, far less evil version. Now, I think Kristen Chenoweth is great and oh so talented. I really do. But her depiction of Maleficent just didn’t do it for us. The movie had to constantly say how evil she was and how she is the utmost worst and most evil of all villains. I just yelled, “Show me then, stop telling me!” But when they tried, it didn’t work. There were some moments here and there that were fun and I know quite a few kids that love it. When they make more, as I’m sure they will, we will watch them, just with less anticipation.

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