DUMBO (1941)


​Dumbo, oh Dumbo! This is a movie that emotionally scarred me as a child. I loved the movie but had to endure my heart being ripped out of my chest when Dumbo’s mother was taken away and locked up.  I cried as a kid and you know what?  I cried as an adult. I can not make it through the “Baby Mine” scene without crying like Alice when she made herself to big to get through the little door to Wonderland. Because of this, I actually avoided watching this movie for a long time, but after watching it, I remember that I love it, Dumbo is adorable and it is ok to cry.  And can we please talk about the “Pink Elephants On Parade” scene? I wish I was in the room when the animators and writers were discussing this scene…

Writer: “Then Dumbo will get drunk.”

Animator: “Oh and then he will have hallucinations about the bubbles turning into pink elephants that begin to dance about.”

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