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We love the remake of Freaky Friday much more than this original. It’s funny to compare the the movies and see how times have changed. The mom is a stereotypical 50s style house wife whose job is to run the house and do whatever her husband asks her. We love and respect stay-at-home moms but hate the piggish comments the dad would make to her. And we aren’t fans of the idea that Jodie Foster’s character needs to make her physical appearance more girly in order for her to be a “changed for the better” person. We don’t see what was wrong with her before other than the fighting with her mother which we rarely got to see anyway.  Which brings us to our least favorite thing about the movie: the mother and daughter never saw each other after the switch. Not once! They talked on the phone for a brief moment and that was it. One of the fun things about the remake is seeing the switched mother/daughter interact and react to them being each other. We greatly missed that in this movie.


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