What do I say about the one of the GREATEST films of all time?!? I can not even begin to say how much of a fan I am of this movie. I was Sally for Halloween this year, I have figurines of characters, sweaters, t-shirts, shoes, bags and more. I can’t get enough of the wonderful world this movie has introduced us to. It is unbelievably creative, a completely captivating story filled with interesting and unique characters. Thank you Tim Burton for your bizarrely beautiful mind. I mean, a holiday movie that I can watch for Halloween AND Christmas?? Who would say no to that. Crazy people, that’s who. That being said, why didn’t we rate this movie a 5? Well, I would have but a rating of 5 is saved only for those movies we both agree are a hardcore 5. So you know that when you see a 5, it is very well deserved as it would be extremely loved by both of us.

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Since our friend Tricia had this movie on DVD, we decided we needed to make it a night with “Swamp Water” drinks in skull mugs and sit back to enjoy and old scary Disney movie. You may want to hold off on showing this one to the young kids.  While it isn’t scary for adults, we are pretty sure that it will be for the young kids. There’s a strange disappearance, a seance, possession of a little girl and, of course, something watching from the woods…whew that is a lot.  The fun thing when watching the movie is that you have no idea what will happen. We were just as lost with what happened to Karen and had no idea how it was going to end. What happened that fateful night? How are they going to help Karen? Is Karen’s ghost haunting the woods? If not, then what?? It was great. And another Disney movie with Bette Davis? Yes, please.

And that’s not all…on the DVD there is also two alternate endings you can check out. Now normally, we won’t review alternate scenes or endings, but these were just too good that we have to talk about them.

SPOILER ALERT – Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know about how the movie ends..3 different ways.

The first alternate ending was the original ending where some winged monster comes out of nowhere and wraps it wings around the leading character and takes her away. Now let me tell you, that monster thing is super creepy and yet at the same time super lame. What the? This has been what was in the woods? That is terrifying and also stupid. And where are they taking Jan? Oh wait, suddenly Jan is back with Karen…that was weird. Whatever. Well, apparently this ending did not do well with audiences. They were left confused as it really didn’t explain much. Additional scenes were then filmed and added to that ending to create the second alternate ending to better explain what had happened to Karen.  We see that the winged creature took Jan to some other dimension where Karen has been trapped. What? Now it is some sci-fi crazy 80’s-Tron-looking special effects weirdness that does not fit at all with the rest of the movie. This ending did even worse with the audience and the critics. So a completely different ending was filmed where the little sister gets possessed by the being from another dimension to tell them how they can get Karen back and send itself back where it belongs.  The winged monster is no more. Thank goodness. The new ending fit much better with the tone of the movie and was much creepier than the others. But one thing that was missing in the final ending that they had in the alternate endings was the panicked mother running from the home to the chapel to find her missing daughter. Since the characters were recreating what happened the night Karen disappeared in order to save her, we liked how the mother running also mirrored what Karen’s mother did that fateful night. So if you have the DVD of this movie, we do recommend watching the alternate endings. They were pretty fun. 



This is one of the first movies that Melissa and I actually disagree on. This movie is not one of her favorites, but for me?  I LOVE THIS MOVIE! You cannot go through the Halloween season without watching this movie in my opinion.  The Sanderson Sisters are the perfect combination of funny and scary witches that need to suck the lives of children in order to become immortal. I have loved this movie since i was a kid. If you have not seen this movie..SEE IT NOW! I know it is on ABC Family this time of year so you have no excuse.

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Halloweentown movies are my guilty pleasure. I remember seeing them as a kid and loving it. For me, not having the Disney Channel growing up, I felt when I was able to watch it that the shows were just much more magical than regular TV. When I was older and had the Disney Channel at my disposal, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that Halloweentown was played every October for the season.  So while the movies are actually very cheesy, I love them.

The first movie of the series is about Marnie, a 13 year old girl who discovers she is a Witch whose family is from Halloweentown. Marnie follows her grandmother to the magical world and then the adventure begins. Marnie must save the town using her powers she just discovered she had. I think kids will love this movie. They will like seeing the town and all the mythical creatures that live there. Plus, you got Debbie Reynolds in these movies so that’s fun.

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Tia and Tamara play twins who didn’t know the other existed until they run into each other one day and…wait haven’t they done this before? Oh they are witches in this? Ah, totally different. Well, the girls discover that as well as having a twin sister, they are also witches and must save their dimension from the Darkness. In our opinion, we find Tia and Tamara humorous and think this movie is pretty fun. Another movie that won’t scare the kids too much and will be great for Halloween.

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The title perfectly matches what we feel about this movie. It was weird. A girl and her Dad escape their planet to live on Earth where the Dad meets and falls in love with a woman who has two kids. The alien girl and father in their true forms are gas bubbles and they love gas. Yep, you read that correctly. The former gas bubble girl just wants to go home to she can float around with her love and be in the place where her mother burst. Uh, OK.

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Not a bad watch. We were entertained the whole time. My only issue was that…really? Really?? No one noticed that it wasn’t the older sister under the mask? All her friends just believed it was her? They had no doubts it wasn’t actually their friend but the younger sister posing as her? And the younger sister’s friends didn’t question it either? But then Melissa had to remind me that is always the way when a character wears masks in a movie. No one ever questions it. They all just always have no idea. So if you can get passed that detail..the movie is actually fun.

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