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Halloweentown movies are my guilty pleasure. I remember seeing them as a kid and loving it. For me, not having the Disney Channel growing up, I felt when I was able to watch it that the shows were just much more magical than regular TV. When I was older and had the Disney Channel at my disposal, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that Halloweentown was played every October for the season.  So while the movies are actually very cheesy, I love them.

The first movie of the series is about Marnie, a 13 year old girl who discovers she is a Witch whose family is from Halloweentown. Marnie follows her grandmother to the magical world and then the adventure begins. Marnie must save the town using her powers she just discovered she had. I think kids will love this movie. They will like seeing the town and all the mythical creatures that live there. Plus, you got Debbie Reynolds in these movies so that’s fun.


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