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The Lion King is back…sort of. This time with Simba’s son, Kion, who has been given the task of reorganizing The Lion Guard, a group of animals that protect the pride lands. We were both excited to check this out since we are big fans of the original movie. This launches a soon to be TV series and is aimed for the younger kiddos. It wasn’t the super great but it was fun to watch and see our beloved characters back. And although Simba and Nala did not sound like themselves, Mufasa made an appearance in the same booming low voice of James Earl Jones aka Darth Vader aka Awesome. Then, Melissa found out that the actor who provides the voice for Pumbaa has always and I mean ALWAYS, every single time, done the voice for Pumbaa. Nice. I could defintely take a life long job of providing a voice for a Disney character. Sign. Me. Up. One thing did quite puzzle us though, why was Kion’s best friend, a honey badger named Bunga, calling Timon and Pumbaa his uncles??? Did they adopt him? I feel like it would be more appropriate for Kion to be calling them Uncle. They did, after all, half raise his dad. So how did Bunga get into the family? No explanation was given. I can’t just accept this. Tell me!


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