Tim Allen is back as Santa, and this time he needs a wife. Santa needs a Mrs. Clause or he can no longer be Santa. Which lead me to ask this question: In the first movie, Scott becomes Santa because he puts on Santa’s coat after he fell off the roof and died. If you need a Mrs. Claus to be Santa, then that Santa had to have a Mrs. Claus. So when that Santa died…WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS MRS. CLAUS??? Was she just walking down the hall with some elves and a plate of freshly baked cookies in her hands then *POOF* gone? Cookies fall to the ground. The crash of the now shattered plate echos through the workshop. The elves, seeing that she has vanished, now know that the Santa they once worked for is gone forever. Is that what happened? Is it? Where did she go?? But…the movie is ok. Fun and festive but not as good as the first.

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