CARS 2 (2011)

Cars 2 has been called by some as Pixar’s first flop.  Here are my thoughts about it: First, isn’t everyone entitled to a mistake? Pixar has given is a lot of really fantastic movies so I think we can forgive them if one comes out we don’t like as much. Second, if this movie is the worst movie Pixar has done, then Pixar has proven that even their bad is actually not that bad. I agree that this isn’t the greatest of movies, but it really isn’t awful. It still is entertaining and has some of that original Cars humor. It is, however, one of those movies where it seems like it was made because they realized the funny supporting character was a huge hit so maybe he should have his own movie. It’s a very risky thing when side characters get their own movie. They often aren’t rounded enough as a whole character to be able to carry a movie by themselves so often the movies flop. Mater was able to carry the movie better than others because in the original we were able to see an emotional side to him as well as his plucky comedic side. So seeing more of that in the second movie was believable. And because the movie was about a race around the world and spies and cons and etc, we didn’t get to see much of our beloved Radiator Springs or the quirky characters that reside there. All in all, not bad. Not great, but not bad.


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