The first time Melissa and I watched this was about 10 years ago and we didn’t remember much other than not being too impressed. With that in mind, we weren’t very excited to watch it. Fortunately, we were wrong. We weren’t bored at all and were quite impressed with the special effects they came up with in the 50s. It will probably be too intense for young viewers mixed in with them being bored, but older viewers definitely need to give this movie a chance. And if you don’t like it, don’t give up on it. It took us another viewing to realize that this movie is quite a gem.

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We had to watch this one after learning that Brie Larson, who just won an Oscar for her performance in Room, costarred as a drag racing driving teen. The movie was entertaining and the drag racing was fun to watch. Filmed here in Utah at the Rocky Mountain speedway, Melissa was excited to yell that she has been there.

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After we got back from a cruise that went out of the New Orleans port, and having spent a couple days there to check out the city, we had to come home and watch “The Princess and the Frog”. That way when we watched the movie we could yell, “I’ve been there”. If you haven’t seen the movie, you have probably deduced by now that it takes place in New Orleans. It was a lot of fun to watch the movie after having just come back from the city. We now knew the buildings and places that the background drawings were based. The animation is so beautiful, the music riveting and the characters are so lovable. I mean, if you don’t like Ray the firefly, I don’t want to know you. Just get outta here…and then watch this movie again because Ray is awesome.

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I love this movie! It is fantastic. Disney takes us to a world where animals rule and all get along with each other. The lion can get along with the lamb, the gazelle can dance with the tigers and the rabbit can work with the fox. And speaking of rabbit…Judy Hopps is quickly hopping her way up to becoming one of my favorite Disney characters.  She is strong, determined, optimistic and won’t let anyone, and i mean anyone, tell her she is not good enough. This movie teaches that we can all be more than what others may label us to be. Heartwarming, funny and even crime-action packed, this movie is definitely a must see. Everyone will also enjoy the oh-so-many Easter eggs and references hidden throughout this movie.  Breaking Bad fans, I’m telling you, you will love it.

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