We both remember the premiere of this movie on Wonderful World of Disney, Sunday nights on ABC. I remember it being a family affair. We all gathered around the TV, popcorn in hand and waited to see Whitney Houston and Brandy take on the classic fairy tale. I remember being so excited. I had heard about it for weeks, months probably, and couldn’t wait for the show to start. I also remember really liking it as a kid and re-watching the tape (remember the days when you would stick in a tape in the VCR to record your favorite shows?). I was ready to watch it again since I hadn’t seen it since that time. Some of the same thoughts came flooding back, like how does a black lady and a white man make an Asian baby? Is he adopted? And I still like that “Impossible” song sung by Whitney Houston and Brandy. I still sing the word impossible instead of saying it. But watching the movie as an adult, it just doesn’t have the charm that I remembered. The first half of the movie was good and moved quickly, but the second half just seemed to drag on and on. the ballroom scene was forever long. We don’t need to see these random people dance in circles over and over. We just don’t. Get to Cinderella and the Prince. They are who we care about. It’s a fun movie to check out, but not nearly as great as we once remembered.

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