No Raven, sad. Indian style dancing, good! The Cheetah Girls go to India for an opportunity to star in a Bollywood film.  I guess since they went to Spain in the last movie, this is how they top that. The same storyline ensues: the Cheetah Girls are best friends have the “all for one” attitude, then stuff happens, they fight and think the Cheetah Girls are over, then they make up and all is well. Raven’s character, Galleria’s absence is explained that she got accepted into Cambridge, but I have a hard time believing that Galleria would leave the Cheetah Girls. Let alone miss this opportunity to go to India with them. In the previous films, Galleria was the one dedicating everything to the group. She was the one that kept the group going. I understand the real life reasons behind Raven not doing the film, but it’s hard to buy that Galleria isn’t there. Aside from that, the scene where they have an Indian dance vs Hip Hop dance off is really fun. I would re-watch the movie just for that scene.

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