This was an interesting movie because it is the only DCOM that I can think of that actually deals with a real historical event. Before the movie it encouraged for the viewers to watch as a family. A tiger cruise is when family members of the Navy are allowed on board to see what they do on a week cruise from Hawaii to San Diego. During the cruise in this film, the terrorist attacks on September 11th happen. So, what was supposed to be a fun cruise is put to a stop as now the carrier must be in combat mode. The movie is based off of the true event of the USS Constellation having civilians on board for a Tiger Cruise when the attacks happened. Watching the movie, you can’t help but think back and remember exactly the entire day as if it was yesterday. Melissa and I both shared that we can remember where we were and what we felt. I would recommend this movie to families with kids who want to show them the heroes of our country, the sacrifices they give and their willingness to step right in to do their duties and protect us all.

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