I never watched the TV show that this movie was from, and after seeing the movie, I am ok with that fact. Jett Jackson is an teenage actor who stars in a television show. After work caused him to miss his prom, he’s contemplating giving that up to live a more normal life and not miss out. A power surge causes Jett Jackson to be sucked into a world where his TV show is real and his character gets pulled into our world. Make sense? The concept of the movie was interesting but it seemed to focus more on how the character is doing as Jett Jackson in the real world rather than how Jett is doing as his character in the TV world. We care more about the real Jett Jackson and how his experience is going to affect his decision about his career. We couldn’t help but wonder why Jett’s grandma is so accepting of the fact that he is a fake Jett? She just tells him, you are not Jett, but I still love you. What is that about?

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