Hayley Mills reprises her famous roles as twins Susan and Sharon for this made for TV movie. In the Parent Trap II, Sharon’s daughter and friend set their parents up. In this movie, it’s Susan’s turn. Susan apparently is the one divorced now and meets a guy whose triplet girls want to stop their dad from marrying another woman. So of coarse the only option is to “trap” him with Susan instead.  Our question is, why? Why was this movie made? The actual “parent trap” trick is only about 10 minutes of the movie. The majority of the movie is about these teenage girls and teenage girl lives. It seems that Hayley Mills, which is the reason we would want to watch the movie, is more of a side note. And will those twins ever stay happily married or are they just going to continue to get divorced and then set up? So while we aren”t fans of this movie, we are a fans of Saved By the Bell. If you are too, you’ll recognize the actress who plays Tori. She is actually a triplet. See if you can pick which one she is.

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