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A boy runs away, joins the circus and becomes best friends with Mr. Stubbs the chimp. While we were into the story of what was going to happen to Toby, sometimes it felt like you have been watching for a while without anything really happening. The big question of the movie is “Will Toby stay in the circus or go home?”. And it was never answered. Throughout the movie, the subject is brought up of him returning to his aunt and uncle that miss and need him back at the farm. But at the end, his aunt and uncle show up, watch him perform and then it ends. So does he go back to the farm? Stay in the circus? Do they stay at the circus with him? We don’t even know. Also, how did they find out he was in the circus in order to write to him? He just ran away. Did he leave them a note and tell them? And why are they okay with just writing to him for so long and not actually going to get him? The chimp is cute, though. And the puppies, and the elephants, and the horses.


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