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We love America Ferrera and were excited to check out this movie. For years I thought it was a soccer movie based off the title but came to find out it is about dance. Not soccer at all. While the overall story was interesting and entertaining, we never felt that the dance team actually became a team. The lead girl, who at first, was in it only for her own selfish reason, was supposed to eventually forget all that and just bring the team together, but she never really did. We felt like she was always just in it for herself. First to get out of detention and then to get herself into a fancy performance school. As for the coach, we never fully connected with her either. She always kept her distance and while she did open up to our lead girl, we never saw her open up to the rest of the team. And how come when the coach went to an interview for another job, all hell breaks loose about her abandoning the team, but when little miss lead girl wants to go to another school, that is just fine? Stop being selfish, lead girl. Aside from all that, though, it was a decent DCOM and we would watch it again.


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