VALIANT (2005)

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We can see where this movie was trying to go but it didn’t ever get there. I mean, we get the purpose of the pigeons in WW2 and their jobs to pass along messages. But why was the hawk bad? Why did he want the messages? Was he working for Hitler? As a kid, I guess you just accept that fact that he is the bad guy and that is that. But as adults, we weren’t sure what his role was in the war. Did Hitler order the hawk to stop the pigeons? If not, then who did? Who is responsible for this Hawk? As for the pigeons, apart from our lead hero, Valiant, none of them were too memorable. We couldn’t tell you their names or any of their background stories, that I think were in the movie… Hmm, maybe not. The movie just left unanswered questions and didn’t really come together well. Everything just sort of happened and then the movie was over. Ok, well, check it off the list. 1/2 point bonus because we got to listen to Ewan McGregor.


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