I wasn’t really looking forward to watching this movie, but it actually was better than I expected. A group of soldiers have been given the task of transporting an elephant to a Vietnamese village so they US Army can keep them as an ally. I was entertained with the story and was kept in anticipation with how they were going to get an elephant across the country in the short amount of time they were given. I also happen to love elephants, so that was a plus for me. I would recommend the movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it, but if you don’t happen to ever catch it, that is OK.


MOANA (2017)


Disney’s latest movie is about a girl named Moana. She is learning to become chief of her village, but is drawn by the sea and wants to sail beyond her island and explore what’s out there. We loved this movie especially the music. I bought the soundtrack before the credits were finished scrolling. The story is amazing and unique, the humor is funny and the animation is beautiful. Moana is the perfect heroine for anybody to look up to. She is brave, smart, unselfish and stays true to herself. If you haven’t seen the movie, please go and check it out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.




If you can get over the fact that the entire world is deceived by a blonde wig, then the Hannah Montana movie really isn’t that bad. There is some fun music and cameos in it. The story line is entertaining and even though there is some definite cheese, overall the movie is good. If you liked the TV series, you will like the movie.




A famous dog is lost at sea and eventually washes up on shore and must survive the wilderness. While there he discovers four cougar cubs left alone after their mother was killed by a hunter. Benji takes on the role of caring for the cubs awhile he tries to get them to another mother cougar that can take care of them. Overall, the movie did seem a bit long, but watching the cute dog and cubs made it worth while. Of course, just know that with watching cute animals comes the stress of wondering if they will get hurt or die.



We know that the George of the Jungle movies are all about being over the top on the humor and the ridiculousness, but this one was just too much for us. We were not fans. It just wasn’t that funny to us other than the lead actor stating that he is the new George because the studio was too cheap to pay for Brendan Fraser to come back and reprise the role. Good one, Disney, good one.




I hadn’t seen this as a child and am now bummed I hadn’t. This movie was pretty fun. Ben Stiller is the good kind of ridiculous as a crazy strict fitness guru who has just taken over a children’s fat camp. It’s up to the kids to fight for their fun fat camp back and prove to their parents the horror they have been dealing with as well as proving to themselves that they are capable of so much more than what they had always been told. The movie was pretty fun and one that many can enjoy. But if you were a 90’s kid, you will definitely have a good time.




Another one of those nature/narrative stories where it feels like you are watching a documentary but there is a fictional story in there as well. This one follows the life of a bear. Beginning when he was a cub and loses his mother, the cub is rescued by an Indian who works for a cattle rancher. We then see the cub grow into a mighty grizzly and fight a rancher’s prize bull. Who will win?? The movie was interesting in some parts and boring in others. The animals are fun to watch but overall it wasn’t our favorite.




This movie is about a young girl who finds a young black stallion when she is lost in the desert in “northern Africa” as the movie states. Where exactly in Northern Africa? We don’t know. Maybe Egypt? Anyway, the girl enters a race with the black horse in hopes of winning a new herd of horses for her family who had to sell theirs. Not the most exciting film, but not entirely boring. The movie was only 51 minutes long so the story went quickly and kept our interest enough.

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What in the world was this movie? The whole time we were just trying to figure out what was even going on and why. It was random and weird and boring. We lost interest quick. This movie was hard to get through and it was only an hour long. But it doesn’t get our lowest rating of 1 because we were interested enough to see if we would find out what exactly Fuzzbucket was about and why he was there.

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This is my favorite Pixar movie. Ever since it was first released, I loved the world of The Incredibles. I love that they are a super family and yet have the same issues and situations of a normal family. Mrs. Incredible is boss. Best line in the movie comes from her and should be a life motto to all women: “Leave the saving the world to the men? I don’t think so.” This movie is full of action, suspense, love, laughter and the genius that is the Disney/Pixar combo. Expect the Incredible when you watch The Incredibles.

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