MULAN II (2004)


Mulan is back and this time it is her mission to prevent a war by delivering the Emperor’s daughters to be married to a neighboring country’s princes. Meanwhile, Mushu is on a mission to break up Mulan and Shang so he can keep his job as Mulan’s guardian. This was one of those movies where you know there is a story and things are happening, but by the end you feel like nothing happened. We got bored and the music isn’t nearly as fun as the original. We think it may be best if you just steered clear of this sequel.



Nnnnaaaaa sevayna va va mee see ma ma…I actually have no idea what they really sing there but that never stops us from singing it anyway. This is one of the greatest Disney classic movies of all time. If I were to name my top 5 Disney movies, this would be on the list. There is nothing about this movie that is boring, or dumb or bad. Everything about it is just perfect. The characters, the music, the story and J.T.T. voicing Simba! When you watch it you can’t help but enjoy every last thing about it as it melts your own cares away. It’s just so…so…Hakuna Matata!


This time the characters, who are usually in 4th grade, are moving up. Yes, another Recess movie. But this one was actually a little better than the others. The humor and the stories were slightly better. We didn’t get as bored as when we watched the others. If you wanted to check out a Recess movie, this is the one we most recommend.



This movie was just three of the TV show’s episodes told in flash black by the main characters. We felt the same about this movie as the first one: some funny things but overall not great. It is funny how kindergartners are basically just crazy savages. Do they just show up to school in that war paint? Or do they put it on when they get to school? How are all those parents just OK with the paint and torn clothes? And the story of how the older grades pick a Kindergartner to bet on, train and race against the others, is hilarious. I would say you can check out this movie for just that story, but if you don’t, that is OK.




During Easter break, a brother and sister are being sent to spend their vacation at their grandfather’s house in L.A., but they would prefer to sneak off to see their mother in Hong Kong. While trying to run away, the kids get mixed up with a couple of thieves, The kids decide that they are going to send a ransom note to their rich grandfather to make it look like these thieves kidnapped them. Once they get the money, they will use what they need to get to Hong Kong and the thieves can use the rest to pay off their own debts and prevent getting killed. But the joke is on them because grandfather knows it is a setup the entire time. Don Knotts is hilarious as usual. The story line is fun and parts of the movie were interesting and visually amusing, but it was long and we got bored. The car chase scene went on forever, as well as the rooftop scene when Don Knotts and the kid were trying to get the skunk. If they cut those scene down, it would have been much better. It was a good watch to see once, but we don’t need to watch it again.



I used to love this TV show when I was younger. I thought the characters were awesome and the stories were hilarious. So I was excited to watch this movie based off the TV show. With this movie, though, it wasn’t as funny as I remembered. It had it’s moments that made us laugh and there was some humor that made more sense now that we are older, but overall it wasn’t great.




Aired during Disney’s Wonderful World of Color phase, the made-for-TV movie is about a bunch of orphans fighting for their home and to be able to stay with their foster father. If you are a Full House fan, you will enjoy seeing a very young Kimmy Gibbler. The story overall was kinda weird and we did get a little bored but we didn’t feel like it was a total waste of time.




This movie is about a mother who over the years have lost her Christmas spirit. The holiday has become more of a chore for her. An angel is assigned to with the task of restoring her faith in Christmas and he does so through her daughter.  This movie isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t awful either. Without giving anything away, let me just say, this movie is stressful! We were constantly asking, “Did that really just happen?!?” We were freaking out. If you happen to see it -playing on TV, give it a gander but don’t feel bad if you don’t. Just be warned if you decide to watch with children because there are some truly sad and scary moments.




In the third installment of the Santa Clause movies, Jack Frost is on a mission to steal the job of Santa Clause from Scott Calvin. Meanwhile, Scott’s wife, the new Mrs. Clause, is due to have a baby any minute now. The movie is just an entertaining as the second movie, but not as good as the first. We actually enjoyed this movie better than we remembered. If you enjoyed the first two, then this one will be just as fun.




Oh no. This movie. We did not like it. A girl basically steals what turns out to be Santa’s weather machine and makes it snow in Los Angeles. This causes school to be closed so she doesn’t have to do her homework. Soon the machine and the weather get out of control causing a lot of problems for everyone’s Christmas. The lead girl’s character was so annoying. We get that she was kind of supposed to be, but at some point aren’t we supposed to feel bad for her and want her to learn to be better? Well, we didn’t. The plot was weird and just overall we were bored and just didn’t care about it and how it worked out for the characters. Kids may like this DCOM and so we gave it the extra 1/2 point, but we don’t ever need to see this one again.