During Easter break, a brother and sister are being sent to spend their vacation at their grandfather’s house in L.A., but they would prefer to sneak off to see their mother in Hong Kong. While trying to run away, the kids get mixed up with a couple of thieves, The kids decide that they are going to send a ransom note to their rich grandfather to make it look like these thieves kidnapped them. Once they get the money, they will use what they need to get to Hong Kong and the thieves can use the rest to pay off their own debts and prevent getting killed. But the joke is on them because grandfather knows it is a setup the entire time. Don Knotts is hilarious as usual. The story line is fun and parts of the movie were interesting and visually amusing, but it was long and we got bored. The car chase scene went on forever, as well as the rooftop scene when Don Knotts and the kid were trying to get the skunk. If they cut those scene down, it would have been much better. It was a good watch to see once, but we don’t need to watch it again.