“(Singing) You need to watch this movie or so help me. So help me. So help me.” If you have seen this movie, you will get my joke. If you haven’t, well then get on it so you can be in on the laughter. Seriously, this movie is great. It’s funny, creative and unique…like all the Pixar films. Boo is adorable, Sully is the cuddly monster everyone wants as their best friend and Mike Wazowski is the friend you love but always laugh at when they get hurt or fail. It is such a fun and we know you’ll love it.



We decided that this movie is pretty much Cast Away but with Dick Van Dyke. So it is more humorous and ridiculous as opposed to a drama. This movie is a big long and after a while, we were ready for it to wrap it up, but it was still fun and entertaining. If you like Dick Van Dyke like we do, then we think you will enjoy watching him try and survive on the island with a chimp and then try and survive the chaos when a native girl followed later by her tribe arrive on the island. Yeah, it is crazy.



No no no no no. This movie is just a big old no. Just everything about it was awful. The acting, the story, the characters, the production. You could see the seams on the fake grass on the baseball field! The actor who plays Kronk in Emperor’s New Groove, who we love as Kronk, plays the lead in this movie and it just doesn’t work for us. Sorry Kronk, but we wouldn’t wish this movie on out worst enemy.



Normally, the Winnie the Pooh movies are all pretty good, and although not as good as the main ones, they keep with the humor and the cuteness of the Hundred Acre Wood characters. But not this one. This movie that was all about Tigger finding his Tigger family, and was not fun or funny like the other Winnie the Pooh movies we have watched. It was too serious and sad. It’s no fun seeing the usually bouncy, happy Tigger be depressed the whole time. There were a couple fun moments, but overall we feel this is one that you can pass over.



Eddie’s dad wants his son so be a baseball player and while Eddie likes the game, he is more interested in becoming a chef. At first, Eddie won’t admit his love of cooking because everyone considers cooking a girl thing and make fun of Eddie for it. It was interesting that the movie took on the task of gender issues. Eddie is being made fun of for cooking, while the girls on his baseball team are dealing with a coach that uses the insult of “he throws like a girl” and complimenting them by saying they are becoming good like a boy. And while I loved when the girls finally stood up to their coach, overall this movie wasn’t our favorite. It got kinda boring, but the kids may like it.



Both Eloise movies turned out to be quite a fun surprise. We enjoyed them and would watch them again. Eloise is quite a character. She definitely makes us laugh. This movie, obviously, is about Christmas at the Plaza and all the festive troubles that Eloise causes. If you are fans of the books or just looking for a fun family movie, the Eloise movies are a good watch.



When a mean horse trainer’s inhumane methods fail to get a horse to jump for a race, the son of the trainer decides to kidnap the horse and run away before the animal is put down. The story then follows the journey of this boy and the horse and they make their way across Mexico. This is yet another movie that if you are an animal lover, you will be stressed. We were always worried about the horse and then there is a bullfight at the end. Oh man, poor bull. The movie did get feeling long and since we watched it with a 9 year old, we know it can get boring for young kids. It was an interesting watch, but not one we feel is a must see.



It’s Friday the 13th…so we gotta watched a scaaaary movie, right? And since the Tower of Terror (MY FAVORITE RIDE!) had recently closed at Disneyland to become the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, we thought it was appropriate to watch this movie now. Okay, okay, we know this movie is super cheesy but that makes it more fun. If you love the ride, we think you will have fun with this movie, especially since they filmed parts of it at the actual ride in Disney World.



A teenage boy is used to scheming his way to get what he wants. In order to get the original issue #1 of his favorite comic book, he decides he is going to get a dog from the shelter so he can enter him in a local dog show to win the money. The boy realizes a dog is much more than what he bargained for and so begins his troubles. This movie was dumb. We got bored fast and were not interested in the story or the characters. I am always up for watching dogs in movies and that was this movie’s only saving grace. Kids will probably enjoy it, but for the rest of you, just skip it.



Yes, we watched the sequel before the original. We got the DVD from Netflix in the mail and since it was a short movie, we decided to watch it and send it back to Netflix ASAP. (Yep, you read that right, we are using Netflix DVD to help us in this journey. Whoa, old school.) This sequel starts off having Melody’s, Ariel’s daughter, life being threatened by Ursula’s sister, Morgana. In order to keep Melody safe, Ariel and Eric ban her from going into the sea and keep Ariel’s past and family a secret from her. Of course, Melody loves the sea and, much like her mother, she follows her heart and deliberately disobeys her parents. Not only does she sneak out to go to the sea, but she eventually makes a deal with Morgana to become a mermaid. So yes, pretty much this movie in the first one, but in reverse. It is pretty cheesy and predictable, but I think if you are a big fan of the original you will have fun seeing the next chapter in Ariel’s life.