This is one of those movies that we had never heard of before. A young boy and his friend are on a journey from Kentucky to Florida to look for the treasure his father hid, so he can save his house. This movie was pretty fun. The adventure includes these two boys, an uncle, a medicine man, and a runaway bride. A lot happens and it keeps you entertained, even through the ridiculousness. for example, let’s wait until after the hurricane to dig up the treasure. I know you are in a hurry to get it, but be smart people. While overall it wasn’t the best movie, it wasn’t the worst either, and we are okay with the fact that this journey made us watch it.



Oh man. We love this movie. This was one that I watched quite often throughout my childhood. I loved the idea that this boy was being looked after by a quirky, lovable, friendly, silly dragon. And this movie brought us one of the greatest Disney songs, Candle on the Water. If you don’t like Candle on the Water…then why are you even reading this. Get outta here! Seriously that song is awesome and so is this movie. Watch it, listen to it, love it.

ANNIE (1999)


While this version is not as good as the original film version of Annie from the 80’s, this one is pretty good. We had fun watching it and honestly, I don’t believe that you can ever go wrong with Kathy Bates. Ever. If you are an Annie or musical fan, we say check it out.



This movie is about a preteen boy named Ben whose single mother meets a man and things get serious. Ben, played by the one and only J.T.T, is not happy about the situation and so he tries to break them apart. One of the ways he tries to get Jack, played by Chevy Chase, to vamoose is by joining a father/son group called the Indian Guides. In hopes that the experience will be too much for him and Ben can get his life back. We think this movie is pretty fun, mostly because it has J.T.T. in it, but other reasons as well. It has some good physical humor that kids will enjoy and the story keeps you entertained. We think this is one to check out, especially if you were a 90’s kid like us.



This turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Based off the popular children’s book, Eloise is a six-year-old girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Eloise is a rambunctious young girl who always says what’s on her mind. We were actually quite entertained and captivated by this little girl. She is crazy, but fun! Plus, Julie Andrews played her nanny so you can’t go wrong there. This movie is worth checking out. Kids will love it and all the craziness that is Eloise.



Wendy is obsessed with becoming homecoming queen. Then she gets a visit from an ancient Chinese warrior that tells her, she too is a Chinese warrior who must train to battle against an ancient spirit.  This movie was another one that we got bored and lost interest when watching. The fight scenes were somewhat entertaining,  we just weren’t drawn into the story.