Yes, we watched the sequel before the original. We got the DVD from Netflix in the mail and since it was a short movie, we decided to watch it and send it back to Netflix ASAP. (Yep, you read that right, we are using Netflix DVD to help us in this journey. Whoa, old school.) This sequel starts off having Melody’s, Ariel’s daughter, life being threatened by Ursula’s sister, Morgana. In order to keep Melody safe, Ariel and Eric ban her from going into the sea and keep Ariel’s past and family a secret from her. Of course, Melody loves the sea and, much like her mother, she follows her heart and deliberately disobeys her parents. Not only does she sneak out to go to the sea, but she eventually makes a deal with Morgana to become a mermaid. So yes, pretty much this movie in the first one, but in reverse. It is pretty cheesy and predictable, but I think if you are a big fan of the original you will have fun seeing the next chapter in Ariel’s life.