Whatever you felt about The Absent Minded Professor, you will feel the same about its sequel. It had some of the same problems as it’s predecessor. There were scenes that went on too long and another problem with using Flubber to cheat, this time for the football team. Why does everyone just accept that the crappy team can suddenly do things that are not humanly possible and win the game? Well, they do and I feel as an audience we are supposed to be happy the team won, but we weren’t. And duh, professor Brainard, don’t fly in with your flying car over Washington D.C. towards the capital and be surprised when the entire U.S. Militia is about to attack your butt.



Professor Brainard forgets to attend his own wedding for the third time, that’s right, THIRD. All because he invents this anti-gravity, own energy producing substance he calls Flubber. So, I get and agree that flubber is a totally awesome invention, but how is using Flubber on the basketball players shoes not cheating? It is cheating! And yet everyone is just like, oh yeah they can jump impossible high now and they won…we accept this victory! And Professor Brainard is just like, yeah that was Flubber, I did that. Yeah, you cheated! Your basketball team did not deserve to win. Anyway, that aside, the movie was ok. It did feel a little slow as some scenes went on way too long. And as a woman, I don’t know how you forgive a guy who didn’t show up to marry you three times, but whatever.


BRAVE (2012)

We love Brave! Merida is a tough, independent girl who just wants to be her own person and isn’t afraid to show who that is. I totally want a bow and arrow and to be able to shoot as well as her. I love that the story is about making your own fate, the love of family relationships and the importance of being who you are. We highly recommend Brave if you haven’t seen it. This movie is interesting, funny and beautifully made.


This movie is comprised of a few different short stories of three sets of best friends who become frenemies. Will they become friends again? Well, to be honest, we didn’t care. We were bored of this movie right away and just thought the stories were a too ridiculous and meh. Also, the order of the stories wasn’t right. It would have made much more sense to us if Bella Thorne and Zendaya’s story took place first instead of in the middle. Kids will probably like the movie, but adults won’t like the over the top dumb high school drama.




This movie is a biography of an Ethiopian man who won the gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics. It starts out with him briefly introducing us to his childhood and where he grew up. Then we watch the story of his childhood and how he got into running and eventually made it to the Olympics. The story is about exactly what the title says, endurance, in all different forms. It is definitely a motivating movie and makes us feel very blessed for what we have and where we live.



If you were a fan of the original Tron, you will love this movie. This sequel takes place years after. Flynn’s son is now grown up and has been sucked into the grid where he is on a mission to save his father. The special effects have definitely improved since the original was made, so it is fun to see the progress of our own technology and the improvements it brought to the Tron world. The movie is entertaining and full of action. I was worried that it would feel slow, but it didn’t. It was a good watch.



What do you call a sequel that the time of the movie actually takes places is in the middle of the first movie? It’s not a sequel, not a prequel…midquel? This movie takes place after Copper and Tod have become best friends, but before they are grown up. The two run off to enjoy a day at the state fair and Copper joins a dog band and his friendship with Tod is put at risk. This movie was cute but not one of our favorites. We laughed at parts and made it through without getting too bored. It was fine for a one time watch, but don’t need to see it again.



Not as good as the first one, better than the second one. The second one had too much about the humans and their story and we just got over it. In order for us to make it through these movies, we need to see as much of the dogs as possible. This third one was mostly focused on the dogs and we saw very little of the human story, so it was better, but still not great. It is super cheesy and ridiculous, but kids will like it.


Based off the true events of Jamaica’s first bobsled team in the 1988 Winter Olympics, this movie will make you laugh as it is just plain hilarious and fun. I promise, if you haven’t seen this movie, you will love it. I don’t see how you couldn’t. It’s a movie about determination, pride in your country, in who you are and friendship. Come on, mon, watch it!



Oh man, this movie. It was not good. The story was just so bizarre and lame and just no. I had too many problems with it. I feel like I was commented on how can things be or why is that or whatever it was. Nothing was believable enough for me. Some may like the dumb humor of this film, but we’ll take a pass. In our opinion, the movie’s only saving grace was that it starred Paul Walker.