Based off the 80’s cartoon series, Inspector Gadget is about a man who in order to save his life is pretty much made into a crime fighting robot gadget man. We understand this movie is supposed to be too ridiculous and silly and while it worked sometimes, other times it was just too much for us. We got a bit bored and were ready for it to be over.

TOY STORY (1995)


One of the greats for sure, Toy Story will make you laugh and cry and get your old toys out to play with since you are now certain that they are feeling unloved by you. Toy Story was the Pixar movie that started it all. It was because of this movie that computer animation came into being and is now the norm for a lot of animated films. I remember when this movie came out and as a kid, I thought it was fantastic. I loved going into the world of the toys and experiencing life from their perspective. It is a wonderful film and is a must see for everyone.


This move is full of ups and downs for me. I love puppy Copper. He is so adorable. I love the cute story of Copper and Tod’s unlikely friendship. But, I hate when the widow lady has to leave adult Tod in the forest for his own good so the hunter neighbor won’t shoot him. I still cry at that scene to this day! This movie, overall, is good and definitely one to see if you haven’t already.