I remember watching this movie for the first time as a kid in the theater and laughing hysterically. Now I am all grown up and I still laugh hysterically at it. Each character just has something to offer. Hercules provides the heroic action, obviously, Meg gives the sarcastic comments and the way Hades’s stupid silly sidekicks just annoy and anger him is so perfect. I just love this movie and if you have never seen it, SEE IT NOW!



Two mice for the Rescue Aid Society are assigned to help save a little orphan girl who was kidnapped by an evil, selfish woman who uses her to obtain a very valuable diamond. The movie is fun, and the little girl is so freaking cute. Yes, my heart did break when she was crying and told her cat how no one picked her to be adopted. So while there are a couple sad moments, there are also some funny ones and it all around makes a good story. It’s fun to see two little mice take on two big crocodiles and human bad guys and come out on top. Good for you Bianca and Bernard!




Based off of Treasure Island, this movie gives a little twist to the classic. Instead of sailing across the seas, Jim and the crew sail across the galaxy to find the treasure hidden on a planet. The look and characters of this film remind me of the world of Star Wars. Many different kinds of aliens, also humans and robots in a world where space travel is possible and easily accessible, futuristic and yet old-timey feeling as well. And that robot on the Treasure Planet was just as annoying and unnecessary as Jar Jar Binks. The twist on the classic was fun, but overall the movie was just alright. I am glad I finally have seen this movie once and we’ll just leave it at that.




Disney was ahead of his time once again when he did the nature documentary. He even did it before National Geographic. If you have seen the Planet Earth nature documentaries then you will understand when I say this is like those. It focuses on some of the plants and insects of the world and how they grow, work and function in nature. It actually was really interesting. The time lapse shots are just so fun to watch in my opinion. If you are one to get squeamish with bugs then this movie may be hard to watch like it was for Melissa. She said she felt like they were crawling all over her. Melissa, you are fine and so will everyone else who gives this movie a chance.




A girl’s dream to become a jockey seems to get closer when she buys and unwanted, losing racehorse. Her mother is against the idea of her daughter being a jockey since her husband died doing the same thing. So the girl works with a trainer and another rider to make the horse into the champion she knows he is. Oh, and did I mention this girl can also talk to horses and hears them talk back? Yeah, it is kinda crazy and boring and cheesy, but overall not one of the worst DCOM’s we have seen, but not one you definitely need to see.




This is one of our favorite Disney movies. The Little Mermaid is a classic with wonderful music and amazing characters. But we couldn’t help but think of how old we are now because we were constantly telling Ariel how she IS just a child. We remember being kids watching this show thinking that Ariel was so grown up and her father should listen to her and stop treating her like a kid. Now we are watching it and we hear Ariel exclaim, “I’m 16 years old, I’m not a child.” Uh, sorry Ariel, but yes you are! Suddenly all her choices make so much sense. The fact that she instantly falls in love with a boy that is off bounds and that she is so willing to give up her life for him…It’s because she is a little teenage girl. But yes this movie is still amazing. It is a sweet fairy tale about a girl who wants to follow her own path and her heart.




Another one of those combinations of a narrative and a nature documentary movies, Charlie is a cougar that was found and raised by a man in a northwestern logging community. Charlie is more like a pet than a wild animal, he’s everybody’s friend, but still seems to cause his fair share of mischief. But when Charlie gets lost as an adult and reverts back to his wild instincts, there is trouble when Charlie makes his way back into town. Some parts seemed a little boring and long but overall it was entertaining. It was fun to watch Charlie and also interesting to learn how loggers send their logs down the river as easier, faster transport than vehicles. Good for a one time watch and then you’re set.




Joe is a gorilla with a rare form of gigantism that causes him to be a larger than life ape. A young woman who raised him and grew up with him takes him to a sanctuary in California to save him from poachers. But, of course, chaos ensues when a poacher from the past find Joe and tries to take him. Joe escapes the sanctuary but ends up loose in California. The movie was entertaining enough and it was better than we expected, but isn’t one that we need to watch again anytime soon.




I remember the first time or two I saw this movie I thought it was sad, but now I am an adult wuss apparently. This time it made me cry like a baby. We liked the movie and the friendship that developed between Jess and Leslie. I can definitely relate to their imaginations and making up a magical place for them to escape to after school. This movie is good and a great story but be warned this movie may break your heart and leave you curled up in a ball needing to hug your best friend.




Before Mike and Sully were best friend’s, before the were the top scare team at Monster’s Inc., they were two kids who met and didn’t really like each other at college. This movie is super fun. We love seeing how Mike and Sully met and how they became friends. The Scare Games that take place are my favorite part. It’s fun seeing the different monster and their fraternities and sororities compete to be the ultimate scare team. This movie is funny and fun and if you loved this first movie, you will definitely love this.