In this reboot of the classic Herbie movies of the 60s, Lindsay Lohan plays Maggie, a girl whose dream is to be a Nascar driver. Of course, her father will not allow this. It seems like Maggie may be done with her dream after she had a bad crash years ago. But once she meets Herbie and discovers the car can race, Maggie is thrown back into the racing world and discovers she still has racing in her blood.  The movie isn’t a total bust. It turned out a little better than I thought, but overall, meh.




This movie is about Ernest Green as one of the Little Rock Nine who were the first to integrate into an all white school back in 1957. And while the story was actually very interesting and one that needs to be told, the movie just didn’t do justice the actual events that took place. We felt like there was no story arc and so it just felt long as a narrative story. I do believe that the movie tried to stay true to what actually happened and so it is a good film to check out to learn the amazing bravery of these nine kids who stood up against the injustices of their time.




If you liked the music of the first High School Musical, then you will enjoy watching this enough. It is basically just the cast, minus Zac Efron as he was filming Hairspray at the time, performing the songs of the movie with a few of their own songs from their own albums thrown in there. You don’t need to watch it as you can just listen to the album instead, but if you or someone you know is a big fan, they will like it.




This live action remake of the animated movie of the same name is the best live action remake Disney has done so far. We loved it. Emma Watson was amazing as Belle and Josh Gad as the silly LeFou, but the best casting choice was Luke Evans as Gaston. We loved how it stayed true to the animated version. It kept the all the elements of what made the original so great while also adding new things that didn’t harm or take away from why we love this story. I love how this version worked on answering a couple plot hole questions. I always wondered why the town didn’t seem to ever care or wonder what happened to their royalty. No one noticed that they no longer had a king and that the castle was suddenly under a dark curse? This movie addresses that and I loved it. This movie is beautiful and definitely should be seen by everyone.




The story of this movie is actually pretty interesting. Based off of a true story, JB, a sports agent travels to India to find some cricket athletes to bring back to America to become baseball players. This is done in the hopes of turning the market of the cricket fans in India to also become fans of American baseball. Another one of those movies that we are glad we have seen once but don’t really need to watch it again, but could. Young kids may get bored. But, if you are into baseball, you will really like the movie. If you aren’t, like us, it is a good story anyway.


FLUBBER (1997)


We liked this remake of The Absent Minded Professor, just as the original. It was manageable to watch for a one time go, but we definitely don’t need to see it again. While Robin Williams gives a great performance, as usual, the story was pretty much the same as the original. We got bored and still thought that the use of Flubber in the basketball game was cheating. However, this movie gets bonus points for Weebo actually questioning that it is cheating, but those points were lost to the fact the Weebo exists in this movie as Professor’s sidekick instead of a dog. Weebo is super annoying. We would always rather have a dog.




In a time where golf was considered a sport only for gentlemen, Francis Ouimet, a poor lower class boy, fights to be able to become a championship golfer and compete in the U.S. Open. Based off of a true story, the movie held it’s own and was pretty good. We were entertained and loved the attitude of Francis’s little caddy boy. While it isn’t one that we feel everyone must see, it is one that we think you might enjoy seeing if you haven’t already even if you don’t like golf or watching golf.




We love Tangled and were excited to see Rapunzel and Eugene (AKA Flynn Rider) come back and see more of their adventures together. With Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprising their roles of Rapunzel and Eugene, this movie kicks off the new series Tangled: The series, which now airs on Disney Channel. Rapunzel gets her long blonde hair back after she and a friend leave the walls of the Kingdom and venture to the same spot where the magical flower that saved the queen and gave Rapunzel the magical hair in the first place once was. While there, Rapunzel touches a rock that turns out to be magical and suddenly more rock spears pop out of the ground and chase them back. Rapunzel returns to her castle now stuck with her long hair again and has to find out what the magical rocks are, why her hair is back and how to get rid of it. Whew. Overall, the movie was ok. It has some humor and seems a good start to the series, but we did get bored and it felt long at times. The kids, however, will love it.




The first of many many sequels to Air Bud, this movie is about the same young boy as the first movie and his dog. This time taking on football instead of basketball. And instead of a clown who wants Air Bud for himself, we have a couple of Russian circus owners trying to kidnap Buddy. They are pretty much the slapstick comedy relief that kids like. You know, believing that a dog is on a basketball team is crazy enough, but that was far more believable than people letting a dog join a kids football team. Of course, Buddy will help them win, dogs can run faster and no one is going to full on tackle a dog. How is this fair? Well, the dog is still cute.


THE KID (2000)


 This movie has an interesting concept of having your younger self suddenly appear to your older self. We kept thinking of what our younger selves would think of our lives now. Overall this movie wasn’t bad. It held our interest and the little boy was funny. He made us laugh more than once. We enjoyed it fine but it isn’t one we would need to watch again and again.