We love Tangled and were excited to see Rapunzel and Eugene (AKA Flynn Rider) come back and see more of their adventures together. With Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprising their roles of Rapunzel and Eugene, this movie kicks off the new series Tangled: The series, which now airs on Disney Channel. Rapunzel gets her long blonde hair back after she and a friend leave the walls of the Kingdom and venture to the same spot where the magical flower that saved the queen and gave Rapunzel the magical hair in the first place once was. While there, Rapunzel touches a rock that turns out to be magical and suddenly more rock spears pop out of the ground and chase them back. Rapunzel returns to her castle now stuck with her long hair again and has to find out what the magical rocks are, why her hair is back and how to get rid of it. Whew. Overall, the movie was ok. It has some humor and seems a good start to the series, but we did get bored and it felt long at times. The kids, however, will love it.