The story of a dog who, after his owner dies of pneumonia, remains faithful and takes to sleeping on his master’s grave. He refuses to be adopted by another owner. Soon the town of Edinburgh learns to love the dog and he becomes a sort of mascot. The dog is super cute and the thought of a sweet puppy sleeping on the grave of his owner makes me want to cry, but overall the movie was just OK. It doesn’t seem to have too much of a story arc so it does get a bit boring. The interesting thing about it is that it is based off a true story. Bobby was a real jack terrier in¬†Edinburgh who sat at his master’s grave for 14 years, until his own death. Oh man, here come the tears.


This movie was pretty much one long advertisement for Yellowstone National park. And, OK, I realize a lot of this must have been staged (hopefully) but people in this movie were so stupid! Do not stop and get out of your car to go feed a bear, and her cubs, marshmallows with your kids. Just don’t! There was even a moment in the movie when a lady kisses a bear on the nose. Listen, people, BEARS ARE DANGEROUS. Leave them be in the forest unless you want to be eaten. Anyway, the bears were cute and fun to watch, the people made dumb choices but overall not a bad little show to have seen once.


The story of how Anne Sullivan taught deaf and blind Helen Keller to understand words and learn to communicate.¬† The story was really interesting and was a good watch. While this version of the story isn’t the very best, it suffices. We were interested and felt invested in the characters. It would be a good movie if you wanted to show your kids and teach them about these two amazing women in history.


Oof. This movie was painful. It was boring, not funny, and a dumb story. I guess if you were fans of the original TV show you may like the movie. We were never really fans. But we were bored and couldn’t wait for it to be over. So why did we rate it a 1 1/2 and not just a 1? We would rather watch this than Geppetto. But just barely. And in case you were wondering like I was, Yes the TV show was a Nickelodeon original. When they canceled the show, Disney picked it up which allowed them to do the movie making it the only Disney movie from a Nickelodeon original.


Young kids will have fun with this one. It stars Christopher Lloyd as an alien who crash lands on earth and becomes friends with a down on his luck news reporter. Kids will love all the crazy situations the aliens gets himself and his friend into. But I think adults will think this movie is too cheesy. It is good for a one time watch and now it’s done for us.


Have you ever seen this movie? Have you?? It is crazy..or should I say scandalous. The movie was pretty funny. We weren’t expecting that. Our favorite scene was when John and Paco go into town, enter the store and shop while still on horseback. What the? Crazies. The characters were fun. Scandalous John is an eccentric character and was fun to watch, but his granddaughter was annoying to us. The movie made us laugh but we also think it was far too long and would have been pretty good if some scenes were significantly shorter. But then again, it is from the 70’s, so what else would you expect.


If you have seen the first one, however you felt about that movie you will probably feel the same way about this one. In our opinion, it was interesting enough but boring at times and felt long. In this movie, however, White Fang has a new buddy looking after him while Jack is away in California. The new duo must protect sacred Native American land from being destroyed by miners. So like I said, interesting enough but I don’t need to watch again.


On his journey to find gold, Jack rescues a mixed dog-wolf that was captured, tortured and forced to compete in dog fights and the two become best friends. The story was interesting enough and the landscapes of Alaska were beautiful, but the movie did feel long at few points. I think if some scenes were trimmed down it would have been better. We are glad we have seen it once, but don’t have to see it again. We did find out that the bear in this movie is buried in Utah, so there’s that.


A young boy’s dad returns home from Africa with a chimp he rescued after its mother was killed by poachers. With the help of Dr. Prentiss, the family teaches the chimp, Jennie, to understand and use sign language to communicate. Soon Jennie becomes just like a member of the family. The movie wasn’t too bad. The chimp was cute and there is some fun chaos that ensues, but ultimately we got annoyed with some of the characters.


OK, what the heck!?! Jaguars are hard core. This documentary follows a family of jaguars living in the jungle. We see them hunt for food, fight off danger to protect their cubs, and pretty much attack anything that moves. They attack a crocodile for heaven’s sake. A CROCODILE!! Why Jaguar? Why? Leave that thing alone! You didn’t even eat him. Did you just kill him to prove you could? Crazy! The movie was interesting to watch but did get a little boring at times. We watched it with a 9 year old and she came and went throughout the movie. So it may not be one to watch with the kids.