Another Pirates movie? Yep. And it won’t be the last either. With Will now Captain of the Flying Dutchman and doomed to life at sea, and Elizabeth on some island raising their son, Jack is on his own this time as he hunts for the Fountain of Youth. This movie is our least favorite of all the Pirates movies. The villain, Blackbeard, is not nearly as good as Barbossa or Davy Jones and the story just wasn’t as interesting or as well played out as the others. I also missed some of the original cast. Without them, it made this movie feel more like a side story. But those mermaids are pretty creepy.

THE B.R.A.T. PATROL (1986)

In this made for TV movie, a group of outsider kids on a military base discover men stealing then selling military equipment. The kids make a plan to foil the plot and blah blah blah, yeah. That’s how we felt about this movie. It was boring and dumb. Not our favorite at all.


The adventure continues with Captain Jack and gang as this time they face a final battle between pirates and the British army. But first, Will and Elizabeth must save Jack from Davy Jones’ locker. Jack and the Black Pearl on marooned on land. A pirate’s worst nightmare. But guess where that scene was filmed? That’s right, UTAH! Part of the ship was built right on the Salt Flats. The Flats provided the landscape of Jack’s personal hell away from the sea. This movie is as good as the second but like the first sequel, not as good as the original.


Jack Sparrow is back in the next installment of the Pirates movies. This time Captain Jack faces Davy Jones and his face full of tentacles. While it’s Must See rating drops a bit from the original (you just can’t beat that original) it still is a good movie. Still has great humor, action, fun characters and amazing visuals. The story just can’t compare to the first one. I really love the addition of the villain Davy Jones. He is one of my favorites. Does anyone else just want to touch his face to see how it feels? No? Just me? That’s right, you know you do!


What even was this movie?? The story is so bizarre. A man is about to go on a mission to the moon but gets several warnings from a woman not to go or he’ll end up and crazy as the chimp that went before him. [SPOILER WARNING] Later we find out that this woman is from another planet. She proves it to the astronaut by materializing their future child., What the what?

This movie was boring and weird but it’s saving grace was the hilarious scene of the line up of women when NASA is trying to find the woman “spy” who “kidnapped” the astronaut. That scene made the rest of the movie somewhat worth it.


Ok, well this movie was actually a surprise for me. I had never seen it before and was expecting something cheesy and dumb. But I laughed. A lot. It is cheesy and bizarre and ridiculous but it made me laugh and I actually enjoyed it. I think it’s a great movie for just some good fun where you don’t have to think and can just laugh and enjoy a movie. I am also pretty sure this movie made a generation of kids constantly quote “it wasn’t me” when it clearly was.


A girl moves to a new school where she soon findx out she is in the middle of the reincarnation of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. So pretty much King Arthur meets High School. There’s teen romance, football, and sword fights. The movie wasn’t the greatest but it was bearable to watch once.


Who doesn’t love Jack Spar…excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow? This movie is so fun. And if you are a fan of Disneyland, nothing it better than catching all the references to the classic ride from the park. This movie has a great story, fun characters, humor, a romance and tons of action. There is something for everyone. This is by far the best Pirates movie and if you have not seen it then you need to right now. GO!


This movie is awesome. It is just plain old fun. A kid’s bike gets run over and the driver, in a hurry, writes the boy a check to replace it. In his rush, he leaves the amount blank and the boy uses his computer to make a one million dollar check. Through a crazy misunderstanding and being at the bank at the right time, the boy is able to cash the check and walks out with a backpack full of a million bucks. Wow. Watching this movie as a kid was as close as you could get to the dream. This boy got to live out what every kid fantasizes. Having a ton of money that you can spend on whatever you can imagine. He buys a house, toys, and the best thing, a big bucket full of ice cream sundae. Like for reals! A BUCKET FULL! Before this scene, we paused the movie, went to the store, each got a quart of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup to eat out of the carton while it played out. It was a good time. I recommend it. This movie is just all about having a good time and imagining that you have a million dollars to spend on whatever your heart desires.


A maid is kidnapped and held for ransom. When a cat who spends every evening wondering the town comes across her, the woman begins to scratch a message on her wristwatch and places it on the cat in hopes someone will find it and help her. The cat belongs to a teenage girl who discovers the watch and tries to solve the crime herself with the help of an FBI agent. Melissa remembers loving this movie as a kid purely for the fact that Christina Ricci is in it. Because, duh, she rocks. But even with the awesomeness of Christina, this movie isn’t one of the greats. It’s fun and OK to watch but not one you would need to see again and again.