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This movie is awesome. It is just plain old fun. A kid’s bike gets run over and the driver, in a hurry, writes the boy a check to replace it. In his rush, he leaves the amount blank and the boy uses his computer to make a one million dollar check. Through a crazy misunderstanding and being at the bank at the right time, the boy is able to cash the check and walks out with a backpack full of a million bucks. Wow. Watching this movie as a kid was as close as you could get to the dream. This boy got to live out what every kid fantasizes. Having a ton of money that you can spend on whatever you can imagine. He buys a house, toys, and the best thing, a big bucket full of ice cream sundae. Like for reals! A BUCKET FULL! Before this scene, we paused the movie, went to the store, each got a quart of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup to eat out of the carton while it played out. It was a good time. I recommend it. This movie is just all about having a good time and imagining that you have a million dollars to spend on whatever your heart desires.


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