The classic tale of Don Diego le la Vega and his alter ego Zorro fighting to defend the rights of the people of Spanish California. The movie was OK to watch. A couple times we had to rewind because our minds may have wandered and we lost track of what was going on…well maybe it was more me than we, but whatever. It’s normal. I think it is a good one to check it if you are a Disney or Zorro fan since and there are moments of fun action or good laughs. But if you never get to watching this one, no worries.

ASK MAX (1986)

Whoa. This movie was not good. This was a made for TV movie during the Wonderful World of Color era. It’s about a smart boy, Max, who has a knack for inventions and engineering but doesn’t really fit in at school. To impress a girl he likes at school, Max invents a jumping/flying bike and makes a deal to sell it to a toy company.¬† The whole movie we kept thinking, no way would this bike even sell. What parent would buy their kid a bike that has rockets to make itself jump high enough that Max was able to jump over a field goal post. None. That toy would have so many lawsuits. Aside from that, the movie was pretty bad. We got bored. And since the actor playing Max is the same kid who plays Chunk, all I could think of was how bad I wanted to watch¬†Goonies.


Whoopi Goldberg stars as a scientist who accidentally gets sucked and transported back in time to King Arthur’s Court. The premise of the story was kinda fun. Whoopi bringing modern ideas and inventions to better Camelot and the people. It was fun when she plays her boombox for the court. We liked Whoopi in the role but overall the movie wasn’t the greatest.


Overall, it was better than we expected, but still not that great. The movie had its moments and made us laugh more than a few times. It was fun to watch once and now we call it good. Kids will probably love it and if you read our reviews you know that we like movies with dogs. Even if they are bad ones. Dogs make anything better. And this dog is a beagle. If you are a big fan of the original cartoon, check it out. If you have never seen the original cartoon, like us, you will still have some laughs but really aren’t missing too much.