CARS 3 (2017)

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*SPOILERS* If you saw the teaser for this movie, you were just as excited as we were. Oh no! Lightning McQueen crashed! What is going to happen?!? Well, the movie took a while to get going for us. The first 10ish minutes or so it felt pretty slow and we couldn’t help but feel like “when is this going to get going?”. But then luckily it picked up, and we were interested. Then, the moment came. Lightning crashed! We were ready to see how Lightning would get through this….but then we were bamboozled! Right after the crash, we jumped ahead in time to see a healed, just not painted, Lightning McQueen. We felt like, the teaser for this movie was all about the crash. The trailers were all about how will Lightning come back after this. And while the rest of the movie does deal with Lightning trying to get himself back to what he once was, we can’t help but feel like we missed out on seeing the direct results of Lightning dealing with his crash. We jump ahead to a time when he has already pretty much dealt with it, it’s over and we are moving on. How can it be over and we’re moving on?? This big crash just happened and now I am expected to just drop it. as a viewer I wanted to experience the after math with Lightening more then I was able to. Also, why can’t we ever actually just see Lightning win a race? The first movie, he sacrifices his win to help The King finish, in the second movie the world race never finishes because of the James Bond stuff happening, and then in this one, he gives up finishing so Cruz can have her dream come true. Ok yes, I love Lightning for putting other people’s happiness above his own. But can I just see him win at the end of the movie? Come on! He deserves it!  I mean I know at the beginning of this movie we know he is successful, we see the trophies. But we were only told about it. We never got to see and experience it with him. So aside from that, this movie did far better than Cars 2 but it still falls short of the original movie. However, we did like it and do recommend you go see it.


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