Melissa and I are a little split on this one. She isn’t the biggest fan, but I like this movie. When I was a kid we had peach trees in our backyard. I would pick a peach and bite into it along with James biting his giant peach. I loved being creeped out by his mean aunts and the visuals of the peach being flown across the ocean by seagulls. While I agree that it isn’t one of the best, I do think it is one worth checking out if you haven’t. It is a fun and unique story in a half live action half claymation film. Make sure to look for a cameo by Jack Skellington as the captain of the sunken pirate ship!



Based off a true story, Justin, determined to win a trophy, becomes a derby racer. Justin has spina bifida and is in a wheelchair. He and his father create a hand brake that will allow him to race. The movie was interesting enough, but a little slow. And the ending scene was, well, weird. But it was ok to have seen. Cool that it was a true story. However, not a must see.



Shy and awkward Pete takes over being the school mascot when his friend, whose family tradition is being the mascot, is unable. Pete soon learns that he loves being the mascot and he’s good at it. Finally, he feels free to release and have some fun. His friend decides that since Pete is a perfect mascot, Pete should keep on being it while he takes the credit. This plan allows Pete the freedom to do whatever and no one will know it’s him. Overall the movie was pretty cheesy and got a bit boring. And Pete’s friend was actually kinda sucky. But we were both surprised to see Edward Herrmann as the principal. Uh, what?  What is he doing in this little Disney Channel movie filmed in Utah? Well, we learned that Edward married a woman from Provo and actually fell in love with our state and would visit frequently. Well, there you go. Richard Gilmore loves Utah. BOO-YA!



The newest installment in the Pirates franchise has Elizabeth and Will’s now grown son, Henry, searching for the trident of Poseidon to break the curse of his doomed father. The trident has the power to break all curses as well as giving its possessor full control of the Seas. So it, of course, is wanted by many. Henry seeks the help of Jack Sparrow for his quest and Jack agrees since he needs to Trident to stop the undead Captain Salazar and his crew from killing him. The movie wasn’t bad and we enjoyed it. It was fun to see into Jack’s past and see how he became Captain Jack Sparrow. Will and Elizabeth are back too for a couple brief appearances, which was great. Fun visuals again especially when Jack and his crew rob a bank by actually stealing the bank. I mean it. The actual bank building. Then whole thing. Just dragged it through town. Awesome.