Question: Why did Geppetto send Pinocchio to school by himself? Man, that puppet just came to life that night! He doesn’t know what anything is, let alone how to get to school. I know you are new to this father thing, but walk that boy to school! You could have saved yourself a whole lot of trouble. Anyway, moving on from that. This movie is one of Disney’s classics, but to be honest, it kind of is a weird movie. It feels more like three movies in one. As though it came from a TV series and they put three episodes together to make a movie. First the story of Pinocchio being an actor, then Pinocchio going to Pleasure Island, and then the whole trapped in a whale part. You know, that is an intense first few days of Pinocchio’s life. Speaking of Pleasure Island, the scene where the boy turns into a donkey is actually pretty creepy. And the poor boys who are already donkey’s and just want their mommas is heartbreaking. Overall, while this actually isn’t one of top Disney movies, it does get bonus points for being a classic and is definitely one that everyone needs to check out.