Ever watched a movie where it ends and you think…what was this movie even about? Well, this is one of those movies. I mean, I guess stuff was happening, but we kind of just kept waiting for something to happen. Instead, we were just watching the lives of this family that recently moved to a new town after their father died. That’s about it. Then there was this awful song the girls sing about “how to catch a beau”. All you need to do is be feminine and not yourself. Hide the real you. I think this song was supposed to be a little bit of a joke considering the characters and the time it was set it, but we still aren’t exactly sure if it was serious or not. It didn’t make it clear enough for me. Either way, the song made me want to yell at those girls, “Shush your mouths!” The movie had a couple good laughs and it brought us the “Ugly Bug Ball” song, but other than that it isn’t one you have to watch.