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Haley Mills finishes her Disney child star acting days with the original That Darn Cat. Haley stars as Patti, the owner of DC the cat who comes home one day with a watch around his neck with the word “help” carved on it. Patti and FBI agent, Zeke, must follow DC to try and look for a kidnapped bank teller and the men who took her and stole the bank’s money. So the 1997 version kept a similar story line but carried it out differently with different side stories. This one felt a little long and we kinda got bored eventually. Also, what was the point of Patti’s sister? She didn’t really add anything. At least Patti’s annoying friend caused some conflict for Patti and Zeke to have to work around. The sister is just there. So overall, I don’t need to see it again.


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