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I was not looking forward to this movie. I remember when it came out and I thought it looked dumb. However, I do think the attraction in Disney World is fun. The bear who sings about “blood all around” is my favorite with the girls who sing “every guy who turns me on turns me down” at a close second. But this movie actually turned out to be not as bad as I thought, but it still isn’t great. Why does no one care that this family has adopted a bear as their own son? Why is the bear so confused as┬áto why he is so different from his human family? Aside from that, there were some moments that made us laugh. Like how the movie completely dates itself by using popular early 2000s pop stars that turned out to be one hit wonders as cameos. We had to look up almost every cameo to see who they were supposed to be. We knew the songs they were famous for but didn’t know them, and none of them are around anymore as far as we know. Aside from that, the story was OK but I did get bored and found it hard to focus. And we were bummed that not one song from the Disney World attraction it’s based on made it into the movie. In all honesty, we think this is one you can skip but give it a try if you are a fan of the attraction.


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