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So I had watched this movie a couple years ago for the first time and was not looking forward to watching it again. I was expecting a movie about a family band. I thought they would go to this competition and we would be watching them perform. Well, it was about that for 5 minutes. Then it was all about politics. Should Dakota become two states? Republican vs Democrats. I kept thinking, what they heck is this movie? So for the second time, I was more prepared and turns out, once I stopped wondering why this movie wasn’t really about the family band and actually about a presidential campaign and the splitting of the Dakota state, it was a little better. A little. It also helps to watch this movie with a friend where you are able to laugh about the ridiculousness and make jokes about it. I think young kids would get bored of the movie as we did a bit. But I have to admit that it was better the second time around, but not one I need to see a third.


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