UP (2009)

OH MY STARS THIS MOVIE! If you can watch the first 10 minutes of this movie and not cry, then you are just like Chandler Bing and are dead inside. So many emotions in the first part, I can barely take it. Laugh, awe cute, swoon, love, heartache, sorrow, loss, heartbreak. Whoa. My heart, my heart! Apart from your heart going through the emotional roller-coaster of an entire relationship, the movie is actually very fun. In order to avoid going to the old folks home, Carl decides to take his house across the equator via balloon to live at Paradise Falls, the dream vacation spot of his and his now deceased wife, Ellie. Carl goes on an epic adventure with the hilarious boy scout, Russell, who just wants to earn a badge for assisting the elderly. This movie is a great story, with funny characters, and a grand adventure. Definitely check it out, but have a box of tissues ready.