We are 90s kids so watching this movie was like going back to our childhood. Ducktales focused on moneybags Uncle Scrooge and his great-nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and their adventures. I remember watching and loving this TV series but I barely remembered this movie. I did remember Huey, Dewey and Louie bopping around on the camel though. The movie as a whole is just a silly fun movie just like the TV show it came from. If you enjoyed the show then you will like this. While it isn’t a must see that we recommend to everyone, you could check it out to prepare for the reboot of the show that will be released soon. That’s right. Ducktales is back! Ducktales! Woo-ooo!


A very predictable movie about a popular girl who only cares about winning Blossom Queen and a nerdy filmmaker who decides to make her the subject of his documentary. We all know that the two who hate each other at first will discover that the other is more than who they thought and they will end up falling in love. The movie was not the best and we got bored. The characters weren’t my favorite so I wasn’t really rooting for any of them. The whole point of the main girl was that she was more than the popular girl she portrayed herself to be. But she was mean and treated her friends like crap. Yet at the end, during her speech, she calls them out for being bad friends. Uh girl, you need to apologize to them just as much as they do to you! Ah well, it’s watched and done with and though it was fine for a one time viewing, I don’t need to see it again.


The gang is back in this highly anticipating DCOM this summer. Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay have been in Auradon for a while now and Mal is having an identity crisis. She isn’t the perfect princess that the people of Auradon are expecting her to be. She returns to the Isle of the lost because that is where she feels she belongs. She doesn’t believe herself to be good enough for Ben and the Auradon kingdom. While in the Isle we meet Uma, daughter of Ursula, who has been holding a grudge against Mal and the now King Ben since she wasn’t picked to leave the Isle and therefore still trapped. I actually enjoyed this more than I thought. I think we had such high expectations of the first movie that it ended up falling a little flat for us. But after accepting these movies for what they are, that they are just fun DCOMs, then they actually pretty good. In preparation for this movie, I actually re-watched the first one and, for me, it was better the second time. Kids will love this movie and I think adults can enjoy it too. Although, I am sure a lot of you with kids have the movie on constant replay. Have fun with that.


In our opinion, this movie is better than the first one. It may be because growing up this was the only movie I had and I didn’t know for the longest time that it even was a sequel. I remember learning about the original and being blown away. That being said…this one is still better. I love the adventure Bernard and Bianca have in Australia to save a kidnapped boy from an illegal poacher. The characters are funnier, the villain is scarier and the story is better. I promise, this one is more fun and has my favorite line, “pea soup”!  Go watch it now, please.


Call it a guilty pleasure if you will, but we love this movie. Casey has a secret passion for ice skating. But she has never pursued it because her feminist mother is constantly pushing the importance of academics and getting into Harvard while also dissing the sport, saying it causes regression for woman. But Casey finally decides to see what she can do when her physics project puts her right in the middle of competitive skating. This movie is just fun. We see Casey discover who she is and who she wants to be. She really pushes herself to stand up for and follow her dreams. Who can’t get behind a girl like that? If you haven’t seen this movie, we strongly suggest that you do.


While not as good as the original, this movie is still a fun watch. Princess Mia learns that the laws of the country say she must marry in order to become queen. But girl power prevails as she shows she doesn’t need a man to be a great leader. We do get the added bonus of Raven in this sequel and get to watch a duet with her and Julie Andrews. And raise your hand if you wanted to be invited to that princess sleepover and ride on the mattress slide. We sure did. We recommend it if you liked the original.

MY TOWN (1986)

Oh man. What do I even say about this made for TV movie. It is just awful. The stories were so crazy. They all went somewhere without actually going anywhere. The movie wasn’t long enough to fully develop any story and yet it was too long. It was boring and stupid and just no.  No. No. Nope. No one ever needs to see this.


Well hello, Kate Winslet. This movie is instantly better because you are in it.  A kid in modern day falls through a crack during an “earthquake” at his ball game and is transported to the days of King Arthur. Merlin has brought him there to help King Arthur become a great King for the people like he once was. The movie was OK enough but pretty cheesy. It is one that kids may enjoy but not so much the adults. I am fine with checking it out once but don’t need to again.