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The gang is back in this highly anticipating DCOM this summer. Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay have been in Auradon for a while now and Mal is having an identity crisis. She isn’t the perfect princess that the people of Auradon are expecting her to be. She returns to the Isle of the lost because that is where she feels she belongs. She doesn’t believe herself to be good enough for Ben and the Auradon kingdom. While in the Isle we meet Uma, daughter of Ursula, who has been holding a grudge against Mal and the now King Ben since she wasn’t picked to leave the Isle and therefore still trapped. I actually enjoyed this more than I thought. I think we had such high expectations of the first movie that it ended up falling a little flat for us. But after accepting these movies for what they are, that they are just fun DCOMs, then they actually pretty good. In preparation for this movie, I actually re-watched the first one and, for me, it was better the second time. Kids will love this movie and I think adults can enjoy it too. Although, I am sure a lot of you with kids have the movie on constant replay. Have fun with that.


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