A very predictable movie about a popular girl who only cares about winning Blossom Queen and a nerdy filmmaker who decides to make her the subject of his documentary. We all know that the two who hate each other at first will discover that the other is more than who they thought and they will end up falling in love. The movie was not the best and we got bored. The characters weren’t my favorite so I wasn’t really rooting for any of them. The whole point of the main girl was that she was more than the popular girl she portrayed herself to be. But she was mean and treated her friends like crap. Yet at the end,┬áduring her speech, she calls them out for being bad friends. Uh girl, you need to apologize to them just as much as they do to you! Ah well, it’s watched and done with and though it was fine for a one time viewing, I don’t need to see it again.