Call it a guilty pleasure if you will, but we love this movie. Casey has a secret passion for ice skating. But she has never pursued it because her feminist mother is constantly pushing the importance of academics and getting into Harvard while also dissing the sport, saying it causes regression for woman. But Casey finally decides to see what she can do when her physics project puts her right in the middle of competitive skating. This movie is just fun. We see Casey discover who she is and who she wants to be. She really pushes herself to stand up for and follow her dreams. Who can’t get behind a girl like that? If you haven’t seen this movie, we strongly suggest that you do.


While not as good as the original, this movie is still a fun watch. Princess Mia learns that the laws of the country say she must marry in order to become queen. But girl power prevails as she shows she doesn’t need a man to be a great leader. We do get the added bonus of Raven in this sequel and get to watch a duet with her and Julie Andrews. And raise your hand if you wanted to be invited to that princess sleepover and ride on the mattress slide. We sure did. We recommend it if you liked the original.

MY TOWN (1986)

Oh man. What do I even say about this made for TV movie. It is just awful. The stories were so crazy. They all went somewhere without actually going anywhere. The movie wasn’t long enough to fully develop any story and yet it was too long. It was boring and stupid and just no.  No. No. Nope. No one ever needs to see this.


Well hello, Kate Winslet. This movie is instantly better because you are in it.  A kid in modern day falls through a crack during an “earthquake” at his ball game and is transported to the days of King Arthur. Merlin has brought him there to help King Arthur become a great King for the people like he once was. The movie was OK enough but pretty cheesy. It is one that kids may enjoy but not so much the adults. I am fine with checking it out once but don’t need to again.