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Another adventure with Ariel? Yes, we are in! Then we watched it. Shoot. Well, we love that we finally get to see what happened to Ariel’s mom (and oh man, so sad!). But, this movie actually raised more questions than answers for us. King Triton has banned music from the kingdom of Atlantica since the loss of his music-loving wife, Queen Athena. Ariel, of course, hates the rule her father has placed and one day discovers an underground (uh, underocean?) music club. Ariel is now on a mission to bring music back to the kingdom and all the merpeople.  So our question is, how close is this to Ariel meeting Eric? She looks the same age as the original movie and if not, she can’t be far off. There is no music allowed? Yet, in the original, there was a big annual concert about to happen. It may be the first concert since the ban was lifted you say? But Ariel forgot all about that concert when searching for human stuff. Ariel wanted so badly to have music back in her life in this third installment, that I am surprised that she would forget about a big concert. I would think she would be itching to go. And did you see her collection of human stuff in the first movie? That collection took years people. But in this movie, no mention of needing to swim off to her secret grotto. She had no time for it between the stroll with the family in the morning and the forbidden clubbing at night. So when did the obsession start? When??? Because, to us, Ariel looks like she is going to save Eric from drowning next week.


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