THE SWAP (2016)

Freaky Friday type movie where a couple of peers switch bodies when they text each other at the same time. Ellie thinks Jack has it easier as a boy on the hockey team and Jack is convinced Ellie’s life as a rhythmic gymnastics girl is the way to go. Of course, once in each other’s bodies, they realize each has their own troubles and must figure out how to switch back. The movie is quite predictable. The story has just already been played out. This one didn’t really bring anything new to the whole body-switching dilemma other than it was a boy and girl who switched. We were surprised they barely touched on the challenges of being their other gender. It was more about the sports they each play and the relationships with their parents. There was an opportunity for something more, but it wasn’t taken. The movie wasn’t great and it won’t be a DCOM classic, but I am sure kids will like and watch it anyway.