Based off a true story, Union soldiers volunteer to steal a Confederate train to take back to Union territory. Along the journey, the men try to destroy the Confederate tracks and telegraph wires. This movie was a pleasant surprise for us. We weren’t expecting to like it as much as we did. It was interesting because it was based on true events and we weren’t really sure how it was going to end. Sure we know that the North beats the South in the Civil War, but this movie was purely about this one incident and the brave men who did it. And props to the one Confederate solider who kept on the stolen train’s tail. He was one determined dude. We really weren’t sure if they were going to be successful or not. Even if you do know what the outcome it, I still think it is a good watch.We are glad we have seen it and wouldn’t object to watching it again if that time ever came. While we think the young kids may get bored, unless they love trains, adults can enjoy this one.


Another made for TV movie from the 80s that was oh so hard to sit through. A boy is asked to raise a goose for the purpose of it becoming someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner. Of course the boy becomes too attached and doesn’t want to kill his pet, but his dad insists on the boy keeping his word. Overall the story was a bit ridiculous and predictable and the acting was too forced by some. I say leave this one in the past. But we rated it a 1 1/2 since we would rather watch this then any of the ones we rated a 1.

COCO (2017)

We were so excited to finally go and see Coco. And when we did, it did not disappoint. The animation of the land of the dead is so beautiful. I loved the flower bridge! Coco is a wonderful story about a young boy, Miguel, who just wants to play music. His family, however, is against it since his great grandfather left his great grandmother to be a musician. Miguel ends up in the land of the dead where he meets his ancestors. They must work fast to get Miguel back to the living before he is trapped there forever. Meanwhile, Miguel is trying to get his ancestors to bless his quest to become a musician. What we love about the movie is how it is really just about a real family. Miguel’s family still works the trade that his great great grandmother did to support his family and they all seem happy to do so together. Miguel doesn’t even seem to mind, he just wants to be able to play music too. We also loved learning about Dias de los Muertos and the traditions of the holiday. It really is so beautiful. And I bet by the end of the movie, you will want a dog like Dante. If you haven’t seen “Coco” please see it! It really is a great movie!


While Pocahontas isn’t on the top of the list of our favorite Disney movies, it is still a good movie. One we like to watch every once in a while. We love the music. Especially “Colors of the Wind”. That song is fantastic and the animation during that scene is beautiful. While it’s isn’t very historically accurate, the story is still great and we recommend the movie to all.

BAMBI (1942)

Want to be traumatized by another Disney movie where the mother dies? Here you go. The fifth movie made by Disney, Bambi is a cute movie about about a deer living in the forest with his forest friends. You will laugh and you will cry. If you aren’t heartbroken when Bambi calls and calls for his mother who we know now is never coming back…get outta here! It isn’t one that we have to watch all the time, but it is a movie that we forget how much we like it until we watch it again. Bambi is a must see if you haven’t ever seen it. If you have, I think it is time to watch it again.


The third sequel of the series, this time the parents are the ones hit by the shrinking ray and must make it downstairs to their young kids to get back to normal. What was interesting about this movie is that both of us weren’t sure if we had seen it or not. Part of us thought we had and part of us thought maybe not because as we were watching it we didn’t remember it. Then came the scene where the kid with a potassium deficiency passes out and his big sister saves the day by force feeding him bananas. We totally both remember that scene as kids and remember that it taught us that bananas have lots of potassium. We just didn’t remember that is came from this movie. It’s funny how some scenes you see as a kid that stress you out, can just stick with you for life. So while I don’t really recommend this movie for all, I bet the kids will be entertained and maybe they too will learn about the life saving magic of bananas.

RASCAL (1969)

A teenage boy finds a baby raccoon lost from his mother so he decides to take him home as a pet. The story focuses on the boy, his pet raccoon, and dog when they are left alone for the summer. Of course the raccoon causes some trouble, but the movie is just watching the friendship the boy has with the raccoon. Not much else happens. We didn’t believe that everyone, except the sister, was OK with this boy living alone for the summer. Why didn’t a neighbor step in and make sure the boy was taken care of? Why was the Dad okay with leaving him alone? While we are fine with having watched it once, that is good enough for us.

GORDY (1995)

This movie was the worst. THE WORST! Disney just had to distribute this movie? They didn’t even make it, but the poster says Disney presents so we had to watch it. I really really wish we didn’t see it. The story was awful, the acting was awful, everything was AWFUL! It wasn’t even fun to make fun of. It was just plain bad. No need for anyone to be put through this misery. I know that is harsh, but it needed to be said.

CHEETAH (1989)

Two teens join their parents in Africa for the summer. While there they discover a baby cheetah whose mother had been killed by poachers. They raise the cheetah and eventually must release it back to the wild but before they do, the cheetah is stolen by a gambler and a poacher. The first chunk of the movie was interesting enough, but that last part when the teens went looking for the cheetah was boring. They were trekking across African wilderness! It could have been exciting. But instead it took way too long. It was fine to have watched once.


Meet the Robinsons is a Disney movie that I feel is overlooked and a bit underrated. While I don’t think it is one of the very best, I do enjoy it. I mean, who doesn’t love a T-Rex wearing a tiny bowler hat? I think the movie is fun. It shows the importance of family. It also teaches how important it is to keep trying even though you may have failed. And that it’s okay to fail because that is how we learn. It’s funny and unique and good for a laugh. So go ahead and plan a family movie night and get ready to meet the Robinsons…unless you have already met them. In that case, go back for a visit.